13 Crystal Clear, Spring Fed Dams


Everything lives up to the excellent reputation of the venue

and the regular stocking of the dams is no doubt part of the reason

for the popularity of the lodge.


Sufficient Aquatic life so the trout are fed naturally, the trout are wild and hungry.

The dams are stocked regularly with fish that are 1Kg and up.

Although our dams are well stocked, the size of our dams allows the angler the experience of wild trout fishing!

We do not feed the trout.

Natural spring water feeds all 15 dams and the constant overflow ensures the temperatures allow fly fishermen to fish all year round.

Panoramic views allow for breathtaking sunsets.

Rod Fees - R 200.00 per angler per stay

Fish kept are charged at R120/ kg (up to 2 KG) and R220 / KG for 2.1 and above.